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Class 3/21-22/15, Noblesville, IN

I was so looking forward to this weekend. I knew it would be amazing, but the experience exceeded my expectations. It was a truly beautiful, enlightening experience. Mary is a beautiful soul overflowing with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I would highly recommend this class to everyone who is seeking enlightenment and wanting to help heal others. ~ Melissa S.

I absolutely loved two point! It is IET #2 on steroids, but a beautifully integrated addition to other modalities. This incorporates all of God's energies: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Since we all are energetic beings, 2 point addresses the lacking negative and pumps up the good positive energies. I will gladly practice this modality on a daily basis by incorporating it as my daily prayer. It is my hope that I can become my own master by showering my fellow brothers and sisters with love through 2 pointing. ~ Ellie C.
points to freedom was the first workshop of its kind that I have ever attended. As a beginner learner in the energy healing field,  I found the workshop to be very informative, easy to follow, enlightening, and healing. I leave with a much deeper and clearer understanding of energy, our ability to heal ourselves and others, and amazing new life long friends. The content was wonderful and I would recommend this or any workshop Mary offers. Mary's delivery of the content and support throughout the process was helpful and truly beneficial. ~ Jenny P. 
I absolutely loved this and I am so happy that I was here. I loved the group of women that were a part of this with me. Mary did an amazing job teaching the modality (thank you!). There was equal time of work and play. I will recommend this modality to others. I would repeat it again! ~ Kathy K.
This was an amazing weekend of awakening. Very fulfilling. Everyone in the group was supposed to be here to happy to reconnect. Class was very explanatory and rewarding. Thank you Lord for bringing Mary into our lives. ~ Anonymous
Having already studied one modality, I wasn't sure what to expect and am so very happy to say this has been a beautiful learning experience with not only the instructor but all the class participants as well. Learning this method, I've realized how quickly issues can be resolved, the wonderful healing that can happen and the support of God, the Angels, and my loved ones! I would recommend this to my group of friends as this could be another strong tool in their belt. ~ Anonymous
This workshop came to me at a much needed healing time in my life. Mary allowed me to recognize my own strength and power within my soul and healing touch. The messages from the other side were: guiding, precise, warm, comforting ~ an emotional release. We all within have the power to tap into our powerful self and as a conduit, guide others into the loving arms of past loved ones as well as helping others with issues past and present. To all who seek knowledge into healing, "Divine Heart Connections", please listen to your inner voice to take this class. My emotional well-being has been uplifted by spirit and Mary's educational healing touch. ~ Erin O.
The 2 Points 2 Freedom workshop was amazing! It was basically two days of wonderland, packed with new insights and healing. There was certainly a feeling of connection within the group, and Mary made the whole process FUN and INTERESTING! All of the practice built my confidence, so now I'm getting results on my own. I would highly recommend this workshop to spiritual seekers looking to expand their consciousness and healing skills. ~ Jenn D. Indianapolis
Class 7/18-19/15, Noblesville, IN
Absolutely amazing class! This modality of healing is a life changing awakening! This energy healing was something stronger than I have ever felt! I've been a energy worker for almost 20 years. I am a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer. The magnitude of energy I was working with was wonderful. The connections with the Angels is a gift that just keeps on giving. The energy of the love you feel for others, comes from a place little known by man. This class is life changing! I'm not the same person who walked into this class. I am forever changed. Class exercises are loaded with validation. To feel this level of energy is the best thing I have ever felt! Mary gently teaches & guides you through this class every step of the way. I encourage anyone who is reading this, take this class!!  ~ Laurie Owen-Hood, Fishers, IN
Class 2/4-5/17, Noblesville, IN
My mind got expanded SO much in this workshop. I realized my mind is a very powerful tool and that I am UNLIMITED. I got to release belief systems that was limiting my powers. I also got to work on issues that I didn't even know I had with my Father. I learned so much and had a lot of fun in this workshop. - Kelly M.

AMAZING two days!! Mary is an outstanding teacher and lightworker. This class was so much more than I expected. This class takes you where work is needed most. Beautiful energy. Cannot wait to integrate this new energy modality into my every day living and to work with others. Good Journeys is a beautiful and peaceful store and hope others stop in to experience Mary Bannon and Jeff Poe's beautiful hearts and energy! You'll also love Samson. Thank you! Barbara W.
Class 11/4-5/17, Noblesville, IN
Mary has a beautiful heart and soul. She made certain that I had the information and tools to practice and perform energy work through Divine Heart Connections (DHC). She has a fun personality and is very loving and giving. This class exceeded my expectations in every way. Kathy, Carmel, IN